Purulia - Ayodhya Hills, Bhalo Pahar, Duarsini, Jai Chandi Hill, Gar Panchokot

Purulia is the western most district of West Bengal and is well connected by road and rail. It takes around 5 hour time to reach Purulia. Visit to this district is to stay near the nature, with the tribe and know their culture. Ajodhya Hills is a small plateau with hilly surroundings. It is the easternmost part of the Chhotanagpur Plateau and extended part of Eastern Ghats range. Highest peak of Ajodhya Hills is Chamtaburu. The nearby populated town area is Bagmundi. Ayodhya Hills is about 40 km from Purulia town and takes around 1.5 hour to reach. You can spend time in Bhalo Pahar, a sage like ambience. You can visit Charida village famous for the artisans to make famous Chau Mask of Purulia. From there, you can go to Duarsini which is around 70 km and 2 hours drive, The hilltop locations, the villages of the tribes will give you a different feeling. and then go to Jai Chandi Hills at a distance of 2 hour and further 30 minutes drive to Garpanchokot to enjoy the serenity of Baranati Lake and eco forest developed by West Bengal Forest Development Corporation. You can go back to Purulia or go back to Kolkata via Asansol which is around 4 hour journey by rail/road.

Places to visit

Ayodhya Hill


Duarsani Jungle Camp