Krishnanagar, Mayapur, Bethuadohori, Murshidabad

Krishnanagar is the capital town of Nadia district and is at around 3 hour distance by road/rail. Krishnanagar is famous for the art and artisans of clay toys and idols. You can visit Mayapur, the birthplace of Sri Chaitanyadeb and visit Iskcon temple. There are other temples around the birth place of Chaitanyadeb. Walk down for 10 minutes to reach Hulor Ghat and see the confluence of Ganga and Jalangi river. Cross Ganga river by boat and reach Nabadwipdham where lived Chaitanyadeb. See Sonar Gourango idol and the house of Chaitanaaya deb. Come back to Mayapur and proceed for Bethuadohori which is about 40 minutes drive following NH 34. Go around Bethuadahari Wild Life Sanctuary. You can stay there for a night You can come back to Kolkata or even go further 2 hour to reach Murshidabad. This is a good week end tour for 2/3 days.

Places to visit


Mayapur ISKCON

Bethuadahari Wild Life Sanctuary