Gour Maldah

Maldah is a historical place and capital town of Maldah district in West Bengal. It is the gateway of north Bengal. It is well connected by rail from Kolkata and Delhi via Farakka. Places to see is Farakka Barrage over river Ganga before entering Maldah from Kolkata/Delhi. There are three parts for Maldah tour. Gaur, Maldah and Pandua. All these three places are closely proximated.

Gaur, also known as Lakhnauti, is a ruined city on the Indo-Bangladesh border, most of the former citadel is located in the present-day Maldah district of West Bengal, India, while a smaller part is located in Nawabganj District of Bangladesh. Places to see in Gaur are Firoz Minar, Dakhil Darwaja, Boro Sona Masjid, Chika Masjid.

English Bazar or Ingraj Bazar, is named as Malda and is known as Mango City. Qutb Sahi Mosque, Malda Museum, Maa Jahura Temple are the places you can visit in or around Maldah town.

Pandua is a ruined city in the Malda district of the Indian state of West Bengal. Pandua is now almost synonymously known as Adina, a small town located about 18 km North of English Bazar. Important places to see are Adina Masque, Eklakhi Mausoleum and Aquatic Bengal, the wonderful water park.

Places to visit

Farakkah Barrage

Gauda Gunamanta Masjid

Mango Orchard, Malda