Bankura, Bishnupur, Jaipur Forest, Mukutmonipur, Jhilimili

Bankura district is famous for tourist attraction. Ride a car from Kolkata to Jaipur Forest of Bnkura district which is 125 km and takes 4 hour time to reach. Stay in the forest a for a day and then move to Bishnupur which is around 10 km distanced. Bishnupur is known for its Hindu temples made from local terracotta, such as the pyramid-shaped Rasmancha, established around 1600. Ornate carvings adorn the walls of Jor Bangla Temple. Madan Mohan Temple is decorated with scenes from Hindu legends, including the Mahabharata. The Museum displays manuscripts and ancient sculptures. You can stay in Bishnupur for a day and visit Beharinath temple on the hill top and Susunia which are nearer to Bankura town. In the evening, reach Mukutmonipur, wonderful place located on huge Kangasabati dam. Rest a day at Mukutmonipur overthrowing the dam, walk along the bank. You can then visit Jhilimili which is a mesmerizing natural beauty located in Khatra subdivision of Bankura district. Also known as the Darjeeling of South Bengal, Jhilimili is exactly located at the border of Purulia, Bankura and Midnapur and just 70 km away from the Bankura town. Literally translating to sparkle or twinkle in the Bengali language, the area has dense lush forests that possess breathtaking beauty. The place is situated on a hillock and amidst thick, dense forests of varying heights. The forest cover is so thick in some places that even sunlight has a hard time making its way through the labyrinth of vegetation. You can go back to Kolkata via Bankura/Midnapore.

Places to visit

Susunia, Bankura

Madanmohan Temple, Bishnupur

Kangsabati Dam, Mukutmanipur