Dooars – Alipuduar (Rajabhatkhawa, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jayanti Hills, Bhutanghat

Rajabhatkawa is 30 minutes drive from Alipurduar and New Alipurdur Rail station and about 2 hour drive from Bagdogra airport in Siliguri. It is the gateway of Buxa Tiger reserve. There is a small station where one can reach by train from Kolkata and Alipurduar. The Forest lodge in the forest is very thrilling to experience specially at night when elephants often pass through. There is a watch tower to see the animal in the morning and after who come to the salt pit. The nature interpretation center is also very interesting. Animal rescue center is also another place of attraction to the tourists where injured animals are treated. There are varieties of migratory birds like goosander, fork tails, ibis bill, 32 types of creepers, 112 breeds of orchids and 15o species of trees are also seen in this forest.

Buxa Tiger Reserve is a 760-square-kilometre tiger reserve located inside the Buxa National Park in the Buxa Hills of the southern hilly area of Bhutan. Animals found in the park include, the tiger, civet, elephant, gaur, Indian boar and red jungle fowl. One can reach Buxa easily from Rajabhatkhawa. Buxa Tiger Reserve is the 15th forest reserve to be entitled as the tiger reserve in India. Located at a distance of 45 km from Alipurduar along the bank of meandering river Raidak, Visiting Buxa Fort is also very interesting.

Jayanti Hills – It is natural forest perfect for eco tourism and stay amidst nature for resting a day or two. Strolling in the forest and breathing fresh air will give fresh oxygen. River Jayanti and its bed is equally interesting.

Bhutanghat is located at the edge of Buxa Tiger Reserve near Indo-Bhutan border, is a less trodden destination of Dooars. Bhutanghat with its pictorial view and serene ambiance has ensnared the heart of many travelers. Endowed with rich flora and fauna, Bhutanghat is famous among the tourist for its scenic beauty. Cuddled in the base of Bhutan hill, Bhutanghat derived its name for its unique location. The road leading towards Bhutanghat is full of pictorial view of changing landscape. The proximity of Bhutanghat with Buxa Tiger Reserve lets the tourist enjoy the famous trekking route through the verdant forest towards Lepchakha Village. Sited at the hilltop of Buxa Tiger Reserve, Lepchakha is a serene Drukpa village which is famous for its panoramic vista of 12 river stream flowing through the Dooars plain. From spotting some migratory bird to spending a night in a decade old forest bungalow, a visit to Bhutanghat of Dooars lets you experience it all.

Listening to the chirping of exotic birds along with the alluring sound of flowing river while taking a stroll on the bank of River Raidak and feasting your eyes with the astounding view of Bhutan hills and Dooars plain can be spell bounding experience. Words cannot express the surreal beauty which Bhutanghat is bestowed with but it can only be felt by visiting the scenically blessed hamlet. Far from the maddening crowd, Bhutanghat has become the sojourn for travelers who want to enjoy the untrained natural beauty while traveling Dooars region.

Places to visit

Jayanti Hills

Safari at Buxa Tiger Reserve